Are you thinking about selling a house to migrate or relocate? Relocating for work isn’t an easy task. You have to say goodbye to friends, find a new place to live, prep for new responsibilities at work, and—oh yeah—check that little task “sell the house” off your list.We’ll let you brood and groan for 30 more seconds, then it’s time to get down to business. Start with these tips for how to juggle all the moving parts of this sudden life change with speed and a little strategy.

Cash used to sell a home while relocating for work.

1. No time for a traditional listing? Sell your house instantly to a cash buyer.

Did you know you can sell and buy almost anything online nowadays… even houses?

That’s right—you can get all-cash offers on your house with the click of a button. Granted, you won’t receive the same amount you would in a standard home sale. But in the event that speed trumps price, then this could be an attractive route: you can skip the time-consuming home sale process and instead close on a much tighter timeline.

Curious to get started? We’ll connect you with the best cash offer available in your area from our network of over 100 pre-approved iBuyers (instant home buyers). Just head over to the Simple Sale platform to enter a few details about your property. From there, you can compare the top cash offer against estimation of what your house could fetch on the open market with the assistance of a real estate agent.