American Property Developments® can still help you with a fair cash offer for your house during this time of crisis. Where allowed, we will visit in-person and many locations now offer the option of “Exterior Only” initial visits with video consultations, whatever makes you most comfortable. Please give us a call or fill out the form below to have a property specialist contact you immediately.

Slide We buy houses fast, easy and hassle-free. Our firm, cash offer will not change before closing. GET A CASH OFFER

We Buy Houses

American Property Development, also known as the “American Property CASH”to give people a fast and easy way to sell a house or unwanted property for cash. Since then, we’ve bought over 10,000 homes and have become America’s #1 cash home buyer. If you’re looking for cash home buyers, accept nothing less than the best.

Over the years we’ve perfected the art of the fast, easy, all-cash sale. We’ve come up with a proven process that gives sellers what they want most: a quick and easy selling process. A trusted buyer who shows up in person to answer their questions and walk them through the process. And a closing that is smooth, fast and easy.


We are the number one home buyer in Florida & Georgia and have been for the last 15 years.


Fast. Easy. And Complete Peace Of Mind.

There are a lot of home buying companies, but we’re the only ones that can call ourselves America’s #1 homebuyer. When we say you can trust American Property Development, that means you can trust us to make a firm cash offer that doesn’t change before closing, unlike other companies that buy houses. It also means that you can trust us to make the process easy for you. After buying 10,000 homes, we’ve seen it all — tax liens, probate, second mortgages, inherited homes, you name it. We’ve dealt with almost every situation and we have the know-how to close as promised.

A fair and firm offer. From a trusted, knowledgeable, local buyer who is there for you. Sell your house as is. That’s peace of mind. Can other companies that buy houses offer the same? Check out our reviews.

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