How to Sale Your Single Family House

Sale your farm House

How to Sale Your Single Family House

Do you want to Sale your farm House? In the words of Jeff Galindo, Nevada’s #1 expert in selling single family homes, “Real estate transactions can be challenging.” Even with the best real estate agent in your area by your side, selling your house can be confusing and frustrating. That’s why over 75% of For Sale By Owner sales fail–many unassisted sellers can’t get past unexpected issues without a trusty real estate agent.

Take the case of one of Jeff Galindo’s clients, Melissa P., for example.

Melissa dove headfirst into selling her mother’s lakeside Nevada home without any prior experience selling a house. With her sister in Arizona, her home base in California, and her mother in Nevada, Melissa went in blind and without any local support.

They had to juggle the demands of their mother (who was already reluctant to leave her house of over 20 years) and the tasks of preparing the home, listing the home, marketing the home, showing the home, and closing the sale. They lost buyers to dishonest neighbors, faced a huge title issue that took four months to resolve, and flew back and forth from out of state every weekend for months.

When you set out to sell your house, you have no idea how the process is going to go. You could get 18 offers and create a bidding war between buyers. Or you could face a situation like Melissa and her family and hit roadblock after roadblock before everything’s all said and done.

That’s why we created this guide.

We read every book and blog post about selling a single-family home we could get our hands on and pulled out the highlights of what you need to know.

We interviewed 7 of the best real estate agents in the nation about what makes selling a single-family home different and what could go wrong during the process.

Then, we boiled it all down into actionable tips that will put you in the best possible position to sell your single-family home. Read on and you’ll sell your home faster and for more money, even if you hit bumps (or mountains) along the way.

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Here’s What You Should Ask Them When They Call

Your initial interview with a real estate agent is the best way to figure out if it’s going to be a match. You need to get as much information as you can from the onset. These are sample questions to take with you to the first meeting with your agent so that you’re prepared to find the best agent for you. We think they’re the most important questions to ask if you’re trying to find an agent who can sell your single family home fast and for the most money.

1. How Well Do You Know My Area And The Local Market?

An agent who doesn’t know your local market won’t know the essential things you need in a home. A top agent? They’ll know the area like they laid every brick in the neighborhood.

For example, Chris Bessette, a top 1% real estate agent for selling single family homes in Orlando, Florida, is currently selling his own house. We asked him if he would have considered having a different agent sell his own house.

Here’s what he said:

“If I was selling a property out of state, I totally would have hired another agent…just because I don’t know the area. So I would rely on the agent to educate me on schools, and restaurants, and traffic patterns, and all of that stuff that comes with it. For the house I’m living in? No, I’ve got it, that’s what I do.”

As Chris points out, your agent needs to be aware of your location’s nuances. These include top schools and traffic, how busy a street gets, noise pollution, great food, nearby amenities like grocery stores, and shopping. The better your agent knows your location, the more he can talk up the positives to potential buyers and explain away the negatives.

2. What Should I Make My Priorities? What Do You Need From Me?

The answer to this question is going to vary from agent to agent, and could even vary from client to client. Your agent might make preparing your home for sale a priority, fixing broken parts, or making your house available for showings at any time (or all of the above!). Just make sure you feel comfortable with these priorities and that they seem reasonable enough that you can fit them into your already busy schedule.

3. What Do You Recommend I Do to Prepare My Single Family House for Sale?

Red flags here include any sort of major renovation project. Most large scale home renovation projects end up losing you money in the end, even if they add value to your home.

What is reasonable is fixing anything that might come up in the home inspection, repainting the interior, getting hardwood floors polished or carpets cleaned, and scrubbing the home from top to bottom. Small, low cost renovation fixes (swapping out kitchen counters, updating lighting fixtures, painting kitchen cabinets) are also reasonable.

4. Will I Work With Only You or a Team?

There are advantages to working with a singular agent and with a real estate team.

A team is beneficial because each member has different strengths they can bring to the table. One person may be an expert negotiator, another could be great at staging. On the other hand, the benefit to working with one agent is that they’ll get to know you better as a client. They’ll learn your needs and wants from the sale process without you having to explain over again every time.

With benefits on either side, you need to figure out what kind of situation works best for you!

5. How Will You Market My House?

With so many new internet technologies available and the social media empire growing, you need to make sure that your real estate agent does everything possible to market your single-family home. Your agent should come prepared with a marketing strategy and evidence to support that it works.

In order to make your house stand out among all of the other homes in the area, you need to tap into what makes your single-family home unique. You and your real estate agent should play up the lifestyle a buyer could live only within the walls of your house. Make sure your agent plans to call out the benefits of living in a single-family home (backyard, more space, charming neighborhood, etc.) versus any other type of property.

At the very least, your real estate agents should create amazing visual material. That means they should have a professional take photo and make a virtual walkthrough plus video and aerial footage of the property and neighborhood. They should also list the home on the MLS, do broker tours and advertise the house to other top agents in the area, and create a social media and email campaign.


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